Subcontractor’s Qualification 

With the growth of our company, we now have less time to devote to the important task of assessing the financial health of our subcontractors. We have therefore decided to outsource this function to SureTec Information Systems Inc. (“SISCO”), the newest member of our company’s team of risk management, financial, legal, and surety professionals.

We are requesting all of our subcontractors, as a condition of working with us, to demonstrate to us their financial resources and financial capacity, similar to that which they would demonstrate to their own sureties. Once completed, please send directly to SISCO at the address shown on the Questionnaire for their review and analysis. In some cases, they may contact you for clarifications and/or additional information.

The experience of other general contractors leads us to believe that most of our subcontractors will be cooperative. Some subcontractors are very sensitive about their financials and may choose not to furnish any information, while others are pleased to show their financial strength. Some may provide limited, but not all of the requested financial information. Please note that with limited or no information, SISCO may only be able to qualify you at a lower single or aggregate subcontract size than is necessary for you to work with us, if they are able to qualify you at all. In such cases, we may have to subcontract elsewhere or limit the number of subcontracts we have with your company.

We trust that you will view this effort not as an invasion of your company’s privacy, but as an effort to make sure that we have assembled a network of the most highly qualified subcontractors available to participate in our projects. We know that you, like Cadence McShane Construction, would prefer to compete and work alongside other financially strong and qualified subcontractors.

Please complete the contractor questionnaire and then forward all information directly to SISCO at: or mail a hard copy to:
5741 Legacy Drive, Suite 210 
Plano, TX  75024

If you have specific questions or need clarification regarding the prequal process, you may contact SISCO directly at:
Shelly Sullivan 972.265.8313

pdf_icon  Download Subcontractor Questionnaire Here