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Cadence McShane Awarded 78,762 S.F. of New Construction and Renovations for Plano Independent School District

May 21, 2014

Will Hodges, President of Cadence McShane Construction Company, is pleased to announce that the firm has been selected by Plano Independent School District (Plano ISD) to serve as Construction Manager At-Risk for the new construction and renovation assignment at Hedgcoxe Elementary School. Located at 7701 Prescott Drive in Plano, Texas, and originally constructed in 1990, the $10+ million expansion and improvement project is being funded under the District’s 2008 Bond Program. The assignment incorporates 78,762 square feet of new construction and renovation and will be completed by Cadence McShane prior to the new school year beginning in August 2015.

As part of the assignment, a total of 11,740 square feet of new construction will be incorporated throughout the school.  The facility’s classroom area will be expanded to achieve TEA facility standards providing the required amount of square feet per grade level, number of students in a given classroom and instructional accommodations based on the topic of the class and the environment needed.  Cadence McShane will also construct new administrative offices and an expanded main entrance to accommodate the growing enrollment.    

The renovation portion of Cadence McShane’s assignment includes 67,022 square feet of extensive interior reconstruction throughout numerous areas of the school building.  The cafeteria, kitchen, library, gymnasium, auditorium, performance stage and 36 classrooms will be updated and modernized including upgrades to wall and floor coverings, lighting, building and life safety systems and classroom equipment and technology.  Cadence McShane will also complete the sitework portion of the assignment including enhancements to the current parking lot and circulation routes as well as improve the building’s landscaping and irrigation system.

“We are delighted to be selected by Plano ISD to provide this comprehensive new construction and renovation program at Hedgcoxe Elementary School,” remarked Hodges.  “Cadence McShane’s experienced construction team will provide the expertise to deliver this comprehensive construction assignment without impeding the safety of students, faculty or visitors or compromising the learning experiences provided within this elementary school facility.”

PBK Architects is providing the architectural services for the assignment.