Services and Options:

Each new project is an opportunity to apply and expand Cadence McShane’s decades of experience to deliver the best construction solution. Now more than ever, flexibility is essential, and we have the know-how to add value at any point during the process. Our clients are a diverse group, so we offer a diverse set of contracting options. We work with you to determine the right approach for your project, which ensures that our project structure fits your unique business requirements and organizational culture.

Pre-Construction Services
Our pre-construction services allow clients to tap into our extensive construction expertise during the planning phase of their project. By providing cost estimating, value engineering, life cycle cost analyses, constructability reviews and project scheduling, we help our clients lay the groundwork to ensure that upon completion their facilities are attractive, functional, cost-effective and sustainable.

Choice of Contracting Options:

Construction Management At-Risk
Construction management at-risk is an industry-standard approach, particularly within the educational sector, and Cadence McShane considers it the backbone of its services. We believe in the value of an integrated project team where everyone benefits. As an integral team member and steward of our client’s financial resources, we take our role in making each project a success very seriously. Due to our extensive experience serving as construction manager at-risk and our proven track record, many clients prefer Cadence McShane taking the lead on a project. Under this approach, we commit to a guaranteed price for the project, providing our clients with the security of a construction cost that will not be exceeded. Cadence McShane conducts creative cost analyses and evaluations and measures results based upon hard cost data and estimating experience, not speculation. By providing this information during the design and pre-construction phases, we are able to assist our clients with viable options to determine how construction dollars might be best spent. Our initial estimates have historically been within 1% – 2% of the final project cost, thus allowing clients to accurately determine their budget. Cadence McShane manages communications throughout a project’s design and construction so our clients don’t have to. We also continually monitor and manage potential cost overruns, which offer the potential for our clients to benefit from the savings should costs come in below the guaranteed price. Our open-book approach provides our clients with both formal and informal cost information and the ability to participate in the subcontractor buy-out process to their desired extent.

The design-assist delivery approach preserves the traditional contracting hierarchy while providing our clients and their design professionals the benefit of partnering with Cadence McShane throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of the project. Key benefits include an early guarantee of project cost, a shorter overall project schedule and fewer burdens on our client’s management resources.

Cadence McShane’s design/build project delivery method offers our clients the security of a single source of responsibility for both the design and construction of their project. On a design/build project, we are engaged by the client prior to the start of design, and we assume the responsibility and risk for the services provided by the design professionals and consultants. Design/build offers many of the same benefits as integrated project delivery, except that the responsibility for the work of the design professionals remains with us.


Regardless of whether we serve as construction manager at-risk, in a design-assist role, or as design/builder, Cadence McShane is ultimately responsible for delivering first-class construction projects to our wide range of clients. We combine contemporary project management technologies, sophisticated subcontractor risk management techniques and sound safety, quality assurance and scheduling procedures to construct high quality buildings that maximize our client’s return on investment.


Some construction companies deliver a product, wash their hands and walk away. At Cadence McShane, however, we’re building more than facilities – we’re building ongoing relationships. The foundation of any relationship is trust, and you can trust that we will stay with a project long after it’s built. We offer warranty options, guarantees on our craftsmanship, and call back and other site-related strategies to meet our clients’ needs.