About Us

Cadence McShane is a highly experienced provider of general construction, construction management and design/build construction services for the educational, healthcare, industrial, office, government, mixed-use, and multi-family markets – but we are more than just a builder. Our facilities help create realities from our clients’ visions.

We’re a leading contractor headquartered in the State of Texas – but we go beyond our home base to follow our clients wherever their organizational aspirations take them throughout the country.

We take pride in building high quality primary and secondary schools, higher education campuses, public and private healthcare facilities, office and industrial buildings and multi-family residences to suit the needs of our clients. The facilities that we create provide our clients with more than just a building; we deliver a sustainable environment in which to achieve both the visions and goals of our clients.

We thrive on challenge. Tight budget or timetable? Complex site? Distressed asset in need of completion? We’ll take it on – start to finish. Many of our greatest successes have come when others have been unable to deliver on a promise. 

Our construction organization has been successful in building  financial strength — the foundation that allows Cadence McShane to enjoy long-standing relationships with financial institutions that can help turn your vision into a reality. Our strong financial platform, extensive bonding capacity and comprehensive insurance program are essential characteristics that have established Cadence McShane as a leader in the field and are central to the partnerships we have built with our clients.

We invest in your project by investing in our employees. We encourage and support a partnering approach with our employees so that our projects are carefully managed by professionals who share a spirit of ownership in their daily work and ultimate outcome. Our team’s ingenuity and entrepreneurial approach is possible because we value and invest in our people. We offer opportunities for their professional growth and are dedicated to providing them with the safest working conditions possible. Our long-tenured managers and executives add additional continuity and stability to every project.

As a result, our clients benefit from the experience and the features that their new facility provides such as increased employee productivity, more creative and spirited learning environments, improved patient and caregiver welfare, and a contribution to the sense of community that we’ve helped to create.