Trade Partners

With the continued growth of our company, we have enlisted the expertise of Lockton Companies and COMPASS for the important task of assessing the financial health and other qualifications of our trade partners. To support us in this function, we are requesting that all of our current and new subcontractors — as a condition of working with us — complete the trade partner questionnaire in order to demonstrate their credit strength, safety record, and project capabilities, which will allow us to comply with our Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) requirements.

The information requested through this process is very similar to most other qualification forms including the AIA A305 Contractor’s Qualification Statement. We urge you to expedite this request so we’re able to both accept and utilize your bids on upcoming projects.

Our experience with qualifying our project team members leads us to believe that most of our trade partners will be cooperative with this process. However, we understand that some trade partners are very sensitive about their financial information, and may choose to furnish limited or no information, while others will be pleased to demonstrate their strengths. Please note that with limited or no information, Cadence McShane cannot generate the Credit and Safety Record Risk Ratings that we rely upon to make trade partner selections. In such cases, we may be required to find another trade partner or limit the work awarded to your company.

Shared Benefits – We trust that you will view this effort not as an invasion of your company’s privacy, but as an effort to make sure that we have assembled a network of the most highly qualified trade partners available to participate on our projects. A project team comprised of contractors sharing a commitment to jobsite safety, quality work, and financial accountability increases the likelihood of a successful outcome for all involved!

If you have questions about the Pre-Qualification process, including questions about document security and privacy, please contact the Cadence McShane Preconstruction team at: / 972.239.2336

Cadence McShane Questionnaire Form