About Us

We are a group of skilled individuals who are passionate about the construction industry and the projects we build.

We Are

More Than Construction

We are reliable experts in the field. We are dedicated advocates in the industry. We are cheerful volunteers in the community. We are caring friends in times of need. We are loving family to one another. We are trusted business partners. We are Cadence McShane.

We approach our projects with a sense of personal responsibility, driving us to find the best solutions for our clients.

Our capabilities start before the preconstruction phase and continue beyond project completion. Cadence McShane offers the benefit of an exceptional construction process that features advanced technology, efficient productivity, and the highest standards of quality.

As a result, we build into every project our distinct advantage: the ability to exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Construction crew smiling and working as a team on a job site

Cadence McShane deploys a culture of relentless service with an entrepreneurial spirit that originates from inside of each individual and helps deliver excellent results.


About Cadence McShane
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Our Mission

To inspire great people to deliver amazing results.

Mission & Values

Team Members

We empower our employees to choose their own destinies and develop a sense of personal investment and pride in every project.

Team Members

Giving Back

We are committed to fostering service in the community beyond the facilities we build.

Giving Back