We take a partnering approach with the services we provide and are committed to building relationships with our clients, design consultants, subcontractors and facility occupants.

Choosing the Best Service for Your Project

We want to deliver the best possible construction project management service for your budget, timeline and decision-making process. Review our service and contract options and let us know if you have questions about how we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.


Our preconstruction services allow clients to tap into our extensive construction expertise during the planning phase of their project. By providing cost estimating, value engineering, life cycle cost analyses, constructability reviews and project scheduling, Cadence McShane helps clients lay the groundwork to ensure that upon completion their facilities are attractive, functional, cost-effective, and sustainable. Our project team completes a series of evaluations and provides information for thoughtful decisions that may impact the cost or schedule of the project. This process allows us to expedite the start of construction and reduce any unforeseen situations that could result in cost or schedule overruns.

Construction Management at Risk

Construction management at risk is an industry-standard approach, particularly within the educational sector. Under this approach, we commit to a guaranteed price for the project, providing our clients with the security of a construction cost that will not be exceeded. Cadence McShane conducts creative cost analyses and evaluations and measures results based upon hard cost data and estimating experience, not speculation. By providing this information during the design and pre-construction phases, we are able to assist our clients with viable options to determine how construction dollars might be best spent.


Our design-build project delivery method offers our clients the security of having a single source of responsibility for both the design and construction of their projects. On a design-build project, we are engaged by the client prior to the start of design, and we assume the responsibility and risk for the services provided by the design professionals and consultants. Key benefits include an early project cost guarantee, a shorter overall project schedule, and a reduced burden on our client’s resources.

Our clients are a diverse group, so we provide a diverse set of service options and work with you to select the right approach for your project


The design-assist delivery approach preserves the traditional contracting hierarchy while providing our clients and their design professionals the benefit of partnering with Cadence McShane throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of the project. Not only are Cadence McShane’s project management personnel construction managers, they are also engineers who possess an extensive understanding of building systems, their design, and how they integrate into a structure. This knowledge directly benefits our clients and typically results in sizable cost savings from both a short-term and life-cycle basis. Design-assist offers many of the same benefits as design-build, except our clients retain responsibility for the work of the design professionals.

General Construction

For clients who prefer to complete design prior to engaging the general contractors, we offer construction management services committed to a guaranteed price for the project, providing our clients with the security of a construction cost that will not be exceeded. This method also offers the potential for our clients to share in the savings should costs come in below the guaranteed price. Our open-book approach also gives our clients the ability to participate in the subcontractor buy-out process to the extent desired.

Development Services

Cadence McShane can also help to lay the groundwork before the construction process begins to ensure our clients’ facilities are functional, cost-effective, and sustainable. Our comprehensive development services include four phases related to feasibility, design assistance, construction and fulfillment services. During each of these optional phases, Cadence McShane provides reasonable recommendations and information to the client and strategically guides the planning process to ensure deployment of leading-edge best practices.