Educational & Institutional

Modernized 78,762 Square Foot Academic Facility

Plano, TX
Hedgcoxe Elementary School

Cadence McShane has been selected by Plano Independent School District (Plano ISD) to serve as Construction Manager at-Risk for the new construction and renovation assignment at Hedgcoxe Elementary School.

Located at 7701 Prescott Drive in Plano, Texas, the assignment incorporated 78,762 square feet of new construction and renovation. Expansions to the school totaled 11,740 square feet and incorporated the classroom area to achieve Texas Education Agency (TEA) facility standards, administrative offices and the main entrance. The renovation portion of the assignment included 67,022 square feet of extensive interior reconstruction to the cafeteria, kitchen, library, gymnasium, auditorium, performance stage and 36 classrooms. Cadence McShane modernized the facility with upgrades to wall and floor coverings, lighting, building and life safety systems and classroom equipment and technology.


Project Photos