Anthology of Tanglewood Senior Living Community

Cadence McShane Completes Anthology of Tanglewood

Cadence McShane Construction Completes Renovation and Addition of Anthology of Tanglewood Senior Living Community

Cadence McShane Construction, OZ Architecture, and Anthology Senior Living are pleased to announce the recent completion of the new Anthology of Tanglewood Senior Living Community located at 502 Bering in Houston, Texas.

This project was completed in two phases, beginning with renovations and additions to the existing senior living facility during phase 1. The existing building is a seven-story, senior-living building consisting of two subsurface parking levels, a mix of common amenity and support spaces at the main level, and 192 residential units spread throughout levels 2-6.

Phase 1 involved interior renovations to select common spaces within the existing building, including a new commercial kitchen, a formal dining room, various multipurpose spaces, and a concierge center.

Phase 2 involved the addition of an assisting living/memory care wing in a separate building with 58 additional residential units connected to the existing building by a second story skybridge.

The project team faced several challenges during the early stages of construction, but they made sure to keep open lines of communication between all parties and took extreme precautionary measures for any underground activity to protect the neighbors’ pools and landscaping.

“Every project comes with its own unique set of obstacles and this one was no exception,” commented Business Unit Leader and Vice President, Colby Rose. “We are proud of our team for their hard work and dedication.”

This is one of three projects Cadence McShane is working on with Anthology Senior Living throughout Texas. The other projects – located in Austin, and Dallas – are scheduled for completion in 2023.

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