Cadence McShane Shows Leadership in K-12 Education

Written by: Steve Levy, Vice President – Education

Cadence McShane Shows Leadership in K-12 Education

School districts today are faced with the challenge of creating state-of-the-art learning environments while adhering to strict budgetary constraints. They seek to develop educational facilities that not only meet today’s needs, but can adapt to tomorrow’s technologies as well. Educators need a partner that understands this philosophy and can help guide crucial decisions.

Cadence McShane has been a distinguished leader in providing construction services for Texas school systems for over 30 years. After building over 250 educational facilities in 36 districts across the state, we’ve learned a thing or two about the K-12 education market sector. We take pride in our ability to partner with our clients and provide guidance early in the process, and successfully see projects through completion.

Our involvement starts in the pre-construction phase where accurate cost estimating and scheduling are critical. If not done thoroughly, the project could exceed the budget or miss critical deadlines. Cadence McShane has a strong track record of accurately budgeting and sequencing education projects and we are able to bring lessons learned to new assignments.

An example of Cadence McShane getting involved early is evidenced in the recently awarded 527,000-square-foot Sherman High School campus project. We are currently in the pre-construction phase, working closely with the school district and VLK Architects to establish constructability reviews on plan development and budgeting to bring the district’s vision to reality. The district wants to show the community who they are through a new contemporary campus that still reflects their tradition and culture. Upon successful completion of the pre-construction phase, the overall vision of the project is formalized, which facilitates a seamless transition to the construction phase.

During the construction phase, we provide current construction information, evaluate cost saving alternatives and continuously price designs as they evolve. Open communication and a fun collaborative approach engages all team members and clearly defines project goals. This results in construction solutions that preserve design intent and take the project from concept to completion.

On each K-12 education assignment, Cadence McShane’s mission is to partner with the school district, design team and key stakeholders to understand their values, challenges and goals. As a result, our clients can be confident we will deliver a quality project on budget – and in time for the first day of school.

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