Core Values and Strong Goals Keep Culture Strong

Written by: Craig Morris, Senior Vice President

Core Values and Strong Goals Keep Culture Strong

Since I started at Cadence McShane in 1988, I have seen so many changes within the company as it has grown to where it is today. From my perspective, the one thing that has remained consistent over time is Cadence McShane’s strong company culture. Over time, I have learned that culture is implied and not expressly defined, meaning that it develops organically over time due to the individuals that make up the company. Cadence McShane employees have shaped ours into a place of respect, acceptance, and growth that positively impact the overall success of the company.

Cadence McShane’s environment today is heavily influenced from the values that were instilled in this company when I first started. When a member of Cadence McShane is in need of assistance, whether it is professional or even personal circumstances, our team is always there to help one another succeed, no matter the situation. I believe there are a few key components that make up Cadence McShane’s culture, such as our strong engagement in office and industry activities, our external and internal client service mindset, and our employee’s eagerness to learn from one another’s experiences while having the individual freedom for innovation.

For example, over the years Cadence McShane has developed a highly sought-after internship program dedicated to teaching ambitious college students the ins and outs of the construction industry while emphasizing our core values at the same time. It is because of our culture and this program that most of our interns want to return to the company after graduation to begin their careers. Some interns have even risen to senior level positions within the company. I believe this is a testament to the foundation of culture we have built at Cadence McShane over the many years.

Company culture is not only defined as the environment in which employees work, but it also includes the company’s mission, values, and goals. Cadence McShane’s guiding principles all play a major role in the company’s success and our satisfaction as employees. Our core values of teamwork, integrity, innovation, customer service excellence, stewardship, and safety all play a major part in everything we do and is instilled into the very fabric of the company.

As the company progresses forward into the future, it is essential that we maintain our family atmosphere by making the effort to know our coworkers personally and not just by their job responsibilities or as a face in the hall. By doing this, we as employees will be motivated to work hard and take pride in what we do by bettering ourselves, our coworkers, and Cadence McShane as a whole.

Although we are constantly growing as a company, one thing that is certain is that Cadence McShane’s culture, values, and mission will remain consistent and a top priority. It is because of the individuals within Cadence McShane that makes us the builder and company of choice in the state of Texas.

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